Best Beat Software To Make Your Own Music in 2018

Just can’t wait to start making music? And do you want to know what music making software to use? Now you can make your own music using your PC or Mac even if you are a beginner. And if you want to make a song online this is the best beat making software for you to make rap, hip hop, dubstep, tehno, disco or house music.

Many great artists started this way before they had a real band and uploaded their videos on the YouTube, and they even use these softwares today because a great idea may come from the click of a mouse or the tweaking of a sound. All for a price which isn’t even a tenth of a software which does the same but costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Making your own music from home, all you truly need is a computer, although, you may have want to have some best speakers linked to it. The beat maker’s is very user-friendly and cost-friendly that can simply follow your instructions, and the first time you try the music creator, you definitely like it. Some of the famous music producing programs are described below.

Best Music Production Software 2018

Dr Drum

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– It is designed to make it simple for beginners.

– It works well with Mac and Windows.

– It has a whole range of drums and percussion instruments, a wide range of synths, keys and guitars, even horns.

– BONUS: How to Sell Your Music Beats Online.

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BTV Solo

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– The program is compatible both with Mac and Windows.

– You can record in a MP3 or WAV format.

– You can make dubstep, jazz, rap, soul, house, trance, raggae, hip hop, dance.

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Piano For All

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– Easy way to learn Piano & Keyboard – Ballads, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, even amazing Classical pieces. You can do it in months not years without wasting money, time and effort on traditional Piano Lessons.

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1) Dr Drum Music Making Program Review 2015

One of these beat making software programs is Dr. Drum. This is a software which you can use and start making music instantly. It is mainly designed for beginners, although it can be used by pros as easily. It is amazing what it can do, in spite of its apparent simplicity and ease of use.

If you have a beat in your head and want to make it music for the others, Dr. Drum is the software you should purchase, because it gives you instant access to your creativity and the possibility to make it come true… true music.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and make people notice you? Here’s how you can. Dr. Drum, the new beat making software for both MAC and PC will help you create astounding sounds that will sound amazing when listened to. With this music program for beginners you can create rap, hip hop, dubstep, house, dance beats.

Best Music Creating Software for Youtube

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You do not need to purchase any other musical accessories to make music online, you can only sit at home on your personal computer and make a whole lot of music by using Dr Drum. Then store your creation to a WAV format or you can upload it on YouTube, letting everyone know how great you and Dr. Drum are together!

Making music has been the dream of many of us, but due to the difficulty of the process, few are the ones who actually succeed. But now you have the chance of making your dream come true. Dr. Drum is the beat maker that will help you make your own music even if you have never done it so far. Beginners will be thrilled to find out that the beat software they’ve been waiting for is finally here.

How to Make Professional Rap Beats

You don’t need any experience in music making, you don’t need any extra music editing software or additional programs to create your own music. Music producing has never been simpler. It makes music creation look like child’s play, but at the same time, you will be creating professional beats that will amaze your audience.

When you buy a beat maker, you are eager to start creating music. Most programs require time to learn, to achieve experience, but with Dr. Drum, you can start creating great hip hop music instantly. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about laying down beats, with Dr. Drum everyone will be envious. You will become a professional music producer in no time.

Best Online Beat Maker

Dr Drum is an amazing beat maker with professional features like effects, recording, virtual instruments and over 1000 free loops and sounds

Dr. Drum is the beat making software for pc which really helps you to make a song online, and does all the things it promises. Is Dr Drum free? It isn’t a free software, but you can be sure it is not a scam like many other beat making softwares available for purchase on the internet, you have a 60 days trial period, and after you buy it you can start to make beats online, if you cannot handle the program or need your money back for any other reason, you have this guarantee.

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Since it mainly addresses beginners and professionals, Dr Drum has a range of features which allow you to do magic by the mere touch of a button or key. You can work wonders using the 16 track sequencer. The music beats you get can be uploaded on the Youtube and you can become the famous song writer you have dreamed of.

Who Is The Dr Drum Software Suitable For?

Dr. Drum is designed to make it simple for beginners. The beat making, the sequencing, the effects which you can add to your beats, all of these becomes a child’s play and the result is amazing. Bear in mind… it’s easy to use, but it’s not a toy… great things can come of it. You let your creativity flow and there’s the solution to get started and keep going.

A beginner would find this extremely useful, because he or she (why not after all?) will not be completely overwhelmed by the huge number of buttons and features and functions and controls of professional equipment for making your own music.

Dr Drum Beat Software Includes:

The 44 drum kits, 48 bass sounds and 292 melodic sounds, the 16 track mixer which includes basic high/mid/low EQ, pan settings and volume fader, a 12 Sound Drum Sequencer provide you with the basics for being able to start creating your own music

This music producing software works well with Mac and Windows, and is very simple to understand and make your own music with it. You will be linked to a big choice of digital electronic hardware. Use an amazing 16-track music sequencer and 12 sounds per pad with 12 pad drum kit. Make use of the digital keyboard synthesizer able playing in 4 different octaves.

A sample of a monster beat made using the Dr Drum beat software:

Quality Of The Sample Sounds Included

You can use a wide range of sounds and additional audio plugins which will help you change or alter what you have produced so far and add more effects to your beats, such as AutoWah, Chorus, Distort, Echo, Filter, Tremelo and many others. They will help you create something you have never imagined.

This beat maker software will have you looking like a professional music producer quicker than your remote control can turn on the TV set, yeah this is a quiet too hyped, but when you have got access to something valuable it can be that way.

It is time you got begun, people are seriously awaiting your beats and they don’t even know it yet. That skill within you is about to come out in a truly strong way, so when you are performing those shout-outs, send one to Dr. Drums program, for which using makes all things easy.

How to Make Your Own Music

You can mix all kinds of sounds and obtain great beats of music, sounds like strings, pianos, guitars, saxophones, and use the synthesizer, it’s like having your own band on a computer. All of this is possible due to the fact that it features a 4 octave keyboard which allows you to add whatever instrument you like to make your own song.

Dr Drum comes with many instrument sounds and you can use drums, saxophones, strings, guitars, pianos, synths to create your melody

Now, let’s take a look at another technical characteristic of this amazing beat producing program. Its 16 track sequencer allows you to use its thousands of built-in sounds, drum beats, keys and each track can be adjusted as far as volume, ‘pan effect’ and low, mid and high tones are concerned. The friendly interface allows creating a song that will be uploaded on your YouTube account in a .wav file, so no quality of the track is missed, as happens when the track is converted to the mp3 format.

Make Your Own Music Online

Dubstep, jazz, rap, soul, house, trance, raggae, hip hop, dance… you name it, you can approach any kind of genre or be the master of all music. There is no limit to what you can do using the Dr. Drum beat making software, since it is so easy to approach any genre you like or a genre you haven’t even dreamed of so far.

All in all, when talking about Dr. Drum it’s hard to say there are any cons, since the pros are overwhelming. It provides lots of samples for you to choose from, it has a simple interface that you can start using without wasting any more time learning how to do this.

Beat making Software Compatible with Mac & Windows

The music maker gives you access to the same tools as the professionals use, but for a much lower price making it affordable, and it doesn’t require any great computer technology in using it. It can be instantly downloaded and installed on the computer, either a MAC or a PC, and most importantly, it creates a .wav file so the quality of your piece is not missed.

However, one of its cons is that it requires specific RAM and a license to get started. But, as a pro, the license is a lifetime license, and the upgrades are included in the price of this license, so you won’t need to make any extra payments to improve your software. So it’s a pro. And so will you be if you star using this music making software.

2) BTV Solo Beat Software Review 2015

BTV Solo is Dallas Austin’s guarantee for a hip hop, rap, dubstep, house, dance beat production software that will make a professional sound even more pro than he has ever been. This beat maker, designed both for a PC and a MAC, turns a professional studio into a computer drum software, bringing an entire studio to your computer.

How To Make A Real Hip Hop Beat

Have you ever tried a music making software? Have you checked it out on the Internet? The web is full of promising offers that guarantee beginners will be making great rap, dubstep, hip hop, house, dance music but is it really so? How do you know what is the best beat maker for PC or Mac and how do you know if the program does all it says it does?

BTV Solo is created by grammy winning producer Dallas Austin

Well, if Dallas Austin says it does, then it must be so. One of the masterminds behind Lady Gaga’s, Michael Jackson’s, Chris Brown’s, Madonna’s music is Dallas Austin, the creator of BTV Solo, one of the most professional music making software programs. He said he used it to create beats for these great artists, so if their music sounds great, your music will sound great as well, if you use BTV Solo.

The technology used by this beat making software and its effects allow you to obtain professional sounds using the pre-loaded sound and drum kits. Its layout like a music production controller makes it accessible to users, especially if you’ve seen and worked with such music making software before.

High Quality WAV Sound Format

This great dubstep software has been used by quite a few heavy names in the music industry, so if they made it, you can make it too. You’re on your right track to fame… the track you will record in a WAV or MP3 format or whichever format you may choose.

Unlike other beat making softwares, this one can be downloaded directly to your PC or Mac after you have purchased it and let it run instantly. Downloading BTV Solo on your computer gives you more safety and stability and you will have access to video tutorials and live support to guide you through it, one of the most impressive computer drum software ever known to man.

Check out this video of BTV Solo in action:

Making Music with MIDI and Beat Maker Software

Its extensive features allow you to actually create music, not just play with sounds. You can choose sounds, patterns and instruments that are already included in the program or you can upload your own music beats, parts or instruments and make your own music.

BTV Solo will help you to produce music

The sounds are organized in drum kit and instruments, and the sounds you import can be added to these kits or you can create a new one. The effects of this music making software allow you to play with every sound and turn it into a new one, giving it a new shape, but some of these effects can only be applied to tracks not to individual sounds.

One of its advantages, as compared to other music making software programs, is that you can attach it an external MIDI controller, meaning that you can play your songs directly from your MIDI device and the interface of BTV Solo will display it in real time.

BTV Solo Beat Software Includes:

Using the features of these professional music making softwares, the other music professionals will know envy! BTV Solo comes with a strong assortment of Efx, sound kits and samples. And you’ll start making music so much faster, since they give you not a helping hand but a 16 track sequencer helping hand, a 1000 sounds library helping hand, an intuitive waveform interface editing, a fully working digital Efx module and so much more!

you can connect a MIDI keyboard with BTV Solo

You can add effects, delay or reverb or you can edit WAV files. The interface is user friendly, can be handled either using your mouse and keyboard or a MIDI controller which can perfectly control everything on the software interface. Your workflow will… flow, it’s that easy!

BTV Solo Comes With Pack Sounds

BTV Solo is a great music making software, offering preloaded sounds, in 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz WAV format, which have been engineered to sound astounding, to which you can add your own sounds (in WAV format) by adding them to the software library.

The sounds produced by this music creating software cover a whole range of drums and percussion instruments, a wide range of synths, keys and guitars, even horns and a good variety of vocal and other FX, giving the impression of an entire band… on your computer!

These sounds are organized in drum kits and instruments and can be shaped using the tweaking tools that allow you to mold them to your wishes and desires and mood! This feature is included in a software whose price tag is unbelievable for what it can do. Usually only the more expensive softwares of this kind allow this, but BTV Solo makes it available to you for the standard price. See how great it is!

A sample of a sick beat made using the BTV Solo music maker:

Best Music Mixing Software For Beginners

And, since we’re talking about input, let’s talk about output as well. What goes in, must also come out, and it comes out great if you’re using this music making software. It gives you the possibility to choose from a wide range of formats to export your music, be it MP3 or a studio quality 24-bit WAV. BTV Solo promises zero loss compression for this music making software that other softwares for making music online cannot guarantee.

Sound mixing software for audio and music production

The mixing of sounds has never been simpler or easier to use once you get the hang of it. The display is like that of an MPC controller, because on the left side you have a list of the sounds and drum kits and to the right, you have a few sound effects, and when you select a particular sound, the screen displays more options for you to choose from.

It is actually regarded as being a version of BKE Tech Beat Thang workstation, a professional music making software, but unlike the latter, BTV Solo comes with a much better price tag. It is actually available in three versions with three different prices, each having its own features. Of course, the most expensive is the most complex including more built-in sounds.

Download Dallas Austin’s Beat Production Software

Each software comes with two licenses that you can use on your PC or MAC or which you can share one with a friend. All this for an amazing price. Anyway, the price includes full support and lifetime software updates for the version you have purchased. However, pay attention because you can update your version, not upgrade it to a higher version. If you have bought the lowest level, you can upgrade it to a higher level version by adding more sounds libraries.

It is the beat making software for beginners but it can also be used by professionals. Pros could say that its downside is that it offers 16 tracks instead of 32, but usually software programs offer a 16 track solution especially in this price range.

BTV Solo is the closest solution you have to making music sound like it was recorded in a professional studio. After all, Dallas Austin is a professional, and his promise is a promise indeed. If you put Dallas Austin’s software and your creativity together, something great will come of it, in WAV or MP3 or name your format!

Summary of BTV Solo Reviews

If you are into music production and you love to make music online, then you already understand the significance of making the right beat for your music. There are different ways to go about it, but the most intuitive, cost-effective and simple way to make amazing beats is to use BTV Solo.

You can use either your Mac or Window PC to run this amazing beat making software. You do not need to have improved hardware system to tap true potential of the program. Since it runs on your personal computer, you can make, edit and store all your projects and sound files right on your PC.

It helps a big range of sounds. Actually, you can make any music style using this versatile beat making program. Whether you liked Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Dance or any other music genre, you can use BTV Solo to get the specific style of sounds that you are looking for. The cost of BTV Solo is $7.