Bang the Dr.Drum and get noticed

rap beat

As a DJ, whether pro or amateur, doing it for sale or your own amusement you want to be able to produce beats that work, that rock and can get the arms and legs moving.

All too often you are stuck with expensive hardware and software to get from conception to consumption of a killer beat. Not anymore!

Let me introduce you to a program called Dr.Drum a sassy little number that won’t cost you the earth yet will reward you with high quality 44.1 WAV files and all for the price of a good night out!

It’s a downloadable, one of license fee product that comes with updates for life and that works equally well on OSX or Windows so no compatibility problems with PC or Mac.

Best Beat Making Software for Beginners

Included in the package are a 4-octave keyboard, 16-channel sequencer, and 12-pad kit plus the software to upload and export high quality 16bit wav files.

It also includes a suite of video tutorials as well as a comprehensive report that will show you how to make money by selling your completed ‘beats’.

Dr.Drum does exactly what it says ‘…make Killer Beats…’ and it is the complete package that will enable the amateur or pro DJ to be up and running within hours, no matter what level of experience or expertise they possess. In fact, we believe that Dr.Drum is so good that other DJs and venue owners will wonder where you have been hiding!

FREE Download Music Making Software for Mac

What is more you don’t want to have to keep on paying annual fees like you do with many software deals today Dr.Drum comes with a full, no quibble 60-day warranty, has no annual license and you can upgrade online.

If the objective is to get noticed then Dr.Drum might be the right product for you; it’s simple to set up, works on multiple platforms is easy to configure and to use, and will certainly get your beats noticed right where it matters most – on the club floor and in the ears of the clubbers.

Once you get it together venues will be asking for you.