Beating the Dr.Drum for a great deal

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The DJ market today is crammed full of tech that can cost the earth, take ages to master and even when you have, the results can be disappointing.

Instead of having to combine hardware and software you want the ability to lay down great beats instantly, have superb quality pro samples to work with and for it to be simple and inexpensive.

What is more, you don’t want to have to keep on paying as you do with many programs today but can’t find a solution. Look again, there is a product that is Mac and Windows compatible, one that comes with a full, no quibble 60-day warranty, has no annual license and you can upgrade online – it’s called Dr.Drum.

Right out of the $40 download you get a 16-channel sequencer, a 4-octave keyboard and a 12-pad electronic kit plus export quality 44.1 16bit WAV files.

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It comes with expert and easy to use video tutorials and a report that will show you how to make money out of your beats.

Dr.Drum is a package that does exactly what it says ‘…make Killer Beats on any Mac or PC! through a suite of programs that will enable the amateur or pro DJ to be up and running within hours, no matter what expertise they have. In fact its so good a deal that other DJs and venue owners will wonder where you have been hiding!

We said that it runs on Mac or PC and you won’t need any soundcard or even the highest spec computer (although the latter of these will help).

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And, Dr.Drum will give you so much capability from multiple screens through to post creative effects like panning and the ability to make ‘Dub Step’ beats as well.

Dr.Drum will run on 99.999% of all machines and what you are buying is a lifetime license – now that’s what we call a great deal!

So, here’s a product that is simple to set up, easy to use, works on multiple platforms and will certainly get your beats noticed where it counts – on the floor and in the ears.