Become the Greatest with Dr. Drum Beat Maker

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So you wonder how the greatest DJ’s create that sound that becomes a part of you and everyone around you. It’s that feeling that we are one and we move to the same beat.

In this world of complicated beat making software Dr. Drum has simplified the use of modern day beat making. With Dr. Drum easy to use interface you have complete control of you music. Now let’s dance!

Why pay top notch price for those blue suede shoes down town, when those same shoes are at the local shoe store around the corner, at lower a price and in a better condition.

Hip Hop Beat Making Software for Beginners

Software’s like Reasons and Fruity loops target your pockets leaving your wallet in a comma, but have no fear Dr. Drum Beat Maker is here. With sample rates at a 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav format you are one with the pros. It’s like those shoes you bought around the corner, a smart purchase $39.95; now beat that you over-priced beat making software.

You’ve heard of that old saying “celebrity overnight”? Well try celebrity over minutes, it’s that easy. No need for years of training on how to tweak a beat to get that sound that makes everyone jump around.

Most of the beat making software’s use celebrities to floods you in with flashy mp3 players, and those celebrities will never use the sounds of a under quality format.

The name ‘Mp3 ‘sounds catchy, but when it comes to sound it can’t catch a fish in an empty pond. Record companies will turn you down after the first sound bombs. Mp3s are compressed files that lack quality of the professional use. Exporting Mp3 files only compress a low quality sound to an even lower quality sound.

Best Beat Producing Software for Hip Hop

Try playing that at your grand opening, or that night at the club when it’s time to show your stuff.

If you’re sick and tired of trying to understand technical and complicated beat making software, go see the Doc, Dr. Drum that is.

Mastering Dr. Drum leaves no tuition fees, so you wallet is on bed rest. It’s time to say goodbye to software that robs you and confuses you. Simply download, install, and in minutes you’re making sick beats that give you the stardom of a professional DJ.

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