Creating ‘beats’ that work

rap beat

What joins up the music you hear in your dance club? It’s the beats that make the rhythm and that’s what brings the crowds in whatever the genre.

Whether you are a pro trying to get to the top of the tree, or an amateur creating music for pleasure, it’s the process of creating a riff or beat that grabs the clubber and sticks in the mind.

Great beats mean great revenues…

So when you find a piece of software that works, is affordable and updateable AND works across platforms it seems only right to check it out – which is what we did with Dr.Drum.

Best Beat Making Software for Rap

Here is a package, currently selling off the page for under $40 that comes complete, can be downloaded and includes some impressive features.

Dr.Drum works well on both OSX and Windows and the download includes a sixteen-channel sequencer, a four-octave keyboard and a twelve-pad kit combined with software that creates high quality, pro end, industry standard 44.1, 16bit wav output – pretty good eh!

When you add to that the video tutors, the guide to selling your beats and a full, no quibble, 60-day guarantee this is the complete package, yet there is more: Dr.Drum is a one off fee that comes with a lifetime license and al the updates you could ever want.

FREE Download Beat Making Software for Mac

Many pro DJs won’t touch product like this, simply because they see the ticket price and think it will be of no use because it’s so cheap. Being inexpensive doesn’t mean that it isn’t great value for money, and the end results are anything but cheap.

Rarely can you download a program, install it, have it up and running in minutes and be producing pro-quality output from day-one with the potential to earn from your efforts as well as producing great sounds.

Venues and other DJs are always looking for ‘beats’ that will pack the floor, be great on the ear and keep the clubbers returning time after time – you could be providing them through Dr.Drum.

Simply log on to the Dr.Drum website, pay your forty bucks and voila, you can be creative in minutes.