Don’t miss a ‘beat’ with Dr.Drum

rap beat

All too often our preconditioning tells us to reject a product proposition when we see something that looks cheap. Sometimes that preconditioning can be plain wrong! Such is the case with a beatmaker software program that goes by the name of Dr.Drum.

Here is a product that scores on just about every count; price, package, place and time.

Dr.Drum is a very professional program that will enable anyone, from the novice to the pro DJ to create ‘beats’ that are of the highest quality and that will fill dance club floors time and time again.

For a package currently priced around $40 – not much more than a tank full of gas – it is crammed full of great features that are very hard to resist.

Pop Beat Making Software for Beginners

Available as an instant download from the Dr.Drum website for a single, one off payment that provides a lifetime license the program comes complete with the electronic equivalents of a 16-channel sequencer, a four-octave keyboard and a 12-pad drum kit – all the gizmos you might need to create killer beats.

But, there’s more; it also has a bunch of video based tutorials that will ensure you are able to be up and running within minutes and creating great ear candy within hours.

And, if that wasn’t enough to persuade you, the package is fully compatible with PC or Mac, working cross-platform on OSX and Windows and then to output your creativity on industry standard wav files at 44.1, 16bit format. They will even give to some great tips on how to market your beats to other DJs and venues – an offer not to be skipped.

Best Music Making Software for FREE

If, after sixty days you aren’t satisfied with what it is and what it can do then they are so confident that Dr.Drum will have you creating beats that count, that they offer a full, no quibble, warranty and money back.

Once you have paid and are satisfied then you get lifetime access to the members’ area of the Dr.Drum website and community enabling you to grab updates, look for other samples and chat to fellow DJs. You’d have to be daft to miss this opportunity.