Dr.Drum a package to get the heart beating

rap beat

When something comes along that promises greatness yet has a low price tag we often ignore it, but in the case of this rap beat maker you actually get both plus the chance to create some stunning beats into the bargain.

Dr.Drum is a downloadable package that combines sequencer, keyboard and electronic drums and gives amateur and professional DJs the chance to create beats that really do deliver.

So, let’s look at the price – currently selling off the page for a miserly $40 that includes a lifetime license, access to a members area and all the updates you can handle, that’s right NOTHING else to pay EVER and it comes with a 60-day no quibble guarantee!

In the download you get a suite of expertly produced tutorials, a guide to selling your beats and access to hundreds of samples upon which to craft your own unique clubbable beats.

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Let’s look at the detail; a 16-channel sequencer, a full 12-pad electronic kit and a 4-octave keyboard that you can use to create industry quality 16bit, 44.1 wav format files – the kind you can export and market.

Dr.Drum doesn’t use MP3 for its samples – simply because they are so compressed and the files you can export are truly of professional quality.

Once you have paid your forty buck and are satisfied then you get lifetime access to the members’ area of the Dr.Drum website and community enabling you to grab updates, look for other samples and chat to fellow DJs.

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Now here is the juicy bit; Dr.Drum is 100% compatible with both PC and Mac so you have no problems, as you do with other programs, of working between platforms meaning you can run it on either Windows or OSX, a real bonus in today’s operating system driven market.

Whether your style: Hip Hop, Gangsta, Soul, Punk, R&B, Rock or any of the hundreds of genre, Dr.Drum will have you creating and exporting the best beats within hours, not weeks even if you know next to nothing about the engineering stuff.

For a great future, take a peek at what it has to offer – it will make your heart beat.