DR.Drum – and the beat goes on…

rap beat

You compose beats that you are proud of, but the process is so frustrating, the time too long plus you are using complex combinations of hardware and beat maker software to get a ‘beat’ that works and has the floor moving.

If you have ever looked for that ‘better mousetrap’ then there is a product that might save you lots of head scratching and make sure your pocket book isn’t depleted.

We’re going to tell you about a software package that will help you to create great beats and won’t cost an arm and a leg!

It’s called Dr.Drum and its a solution that does exactly what it says ‘…make Killer Beats on any Mac or PC!’ through a suite of programs that will enable the amateur or pro DJ to be up and running within hours, no matter what expertise they have.

Music Beat Maker Program

It’s incredibly cheap too at around $40, so what’s the catch? There isn’t one. Pay for your product and download it there and then – no waiting for DVDs to arrive, nothing to install; it works straight out of the box.

And if that weren’t enough; Dr.Drum guarantees that the product is good because they offer a full, no quibble, warranty if you aren’t producing ‘beats that go BOOM’ within sixty days they will refund your fee.

That fee buys you access to the members’ section of their site and the ability to grab updates and talk to other users – no extra cost, no annual licenses – so the beat really does go on.

Beat Maker Software Free Download

The program is compatible with Windows and OSX, is incredibly simple to understand and create with and in the box you get a huge array of electronic hardware in the form of a 16-track sequencer plus a full 12-pad drum machine and a keyboard synthesizer capable of a four-octave range.

All that plus being able to export beats in a recognized 44:1, 16 bit WAV format and you will have venues and other DJs crying out for your services.

Dr.Drum also includes high quality video tutorials and documentation that will help you sell your beats on and recoup the costs – not bad for $40!