Dr. Drum Beat Making Software, No Hassle, Instant Success!

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Loaded with tons of drums, bass, keys and much more, a new and unique digital beat making software has arrived. Backed up by a 60 day ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee, Dr. Drum crumbles the competition.

It doesn’t matter if you use Mac or PC because the easy to use Dr. Drum is compatible with both.

No monthly fee, free upgrades, and what stands out the most is its ability to bring you equal quality as top of the line beat making software, at the unbeatable price of $39.95.At this point Dr. Drum is second to none, nevertheless, this unbeatable price won’t be around forever, so act now!

It includes a 12 pad drum kit imbedded in its ENORMOUS database of percussions. And on top of that you can import you own samples as simple as dragging and dropping at just 1 click. Duplicating bars has never been so easy before, and with 2 clicks your work is much faster. The sound control is all yours.

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You can export wav files at the same sample rate radio’s stations deliver today. The multiple screen editors allow you to know where you’re at in the work process freeing up even more time.

Other software has single screen editing, telling you to put this here and put this there with no instructions on how to do so. You will have the clubs begging for more.

Dr. Drum’s built in video tutorials gives you the know-hows unlike most software who use pdf instructions that give’s little understanding. This is for the ones who never laid eyes on a mixer or just tired of the complex other beat making software.

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Adjusting the volume of each channel separately or panning each channel separately is some of the control advances you have over your sound. Control each channel individually working with the high’s, med’s and low’s giving you eq. power like the professionals.

All of you mixing needs are packed in and ready for play comprehensibly locked in Dr. Drums built in tutorials.

People who are in need of understanding, or just beat making software that makes sense needs no hassle. That’s why Dr. Drum has reach out to those in need of professional sound that teaches and delivers just that. It’s uncomfortable not knowing how your beat will sound on a radio or in a club.

Is too high or too low? The answers to those types of complicated questions are not required, when using Dr. Drums beat making software that put’s everything in place.