Dr Drum Beating the competition

rap beat

If there is one thing that DJs are famous for, it’s the incessant rhythmic beats that they seem to be able to conjure from almost nowhere and once they are in the ether they captivate. But how on Earth can they do it time after time?

One way is to use software tools and there is none better or more accessible than Dr.Drum a program that is equally at home on the creators’ tool of choice, the Mac, or on the ubiquitous PC and that is compatible cross platform on OSX or Windows – meaning that it is accessible anywhere.

Here is a program that is affordable too – right now it’s available for less than the cost of around ten gallons of gas – and for that you get a lifetime license and access to all the updates you can handle.

When you sign up for Dr.Drum you get a download that includes a sequencer, keyboard and an electronic kit plus the ability to export the beats you create as 16bit, 44.1 WAV files – great quality too!

Best Beat Making Software for PC

Add to that the video tutorials and the paper that will help you to find markets for your creations and it certainly does whop the competition.

The designers claim, with a degree of confidence, that Dr.Drum will enable even the rawest DJ talent to be creating memorable and marketable beats right out of the box and that it can help the most seasoned pros turn out work that will be admired by the people who really matter; the clubbers who dance and listen to the beats.

Not content with claims like that they guarantee the program will help even the most hapless creative brains or they will give your money back – no quibbles, now that is confidence for you.

FREE Download Music Making Software for Mac

So there are no second payments, it is the epitome of WYSIWYG – a program that gives you everything that you might need to be creating killer beats within a couple of hours of installing it – no hardware to get in the way, there are no fancy add-ons’it simply does beat the competition, hands down!