Dr. Drum Vs. DubTurbo Free Beat Maker Online

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With so many free beat makers available online, choosing one out of the deluge of options seems like an impossible task.

Two of the leading beat makers, Dr. Drum beat making online and DubTurbo offer professional recording quality, a 16 track sequencer, a four octave keyboard and a drum machine. Whilst these two programs both offer a lot of options for making beats, there are some key differences that set them apart.

DubTurbo free online beat maker and Dr. Drum both have 16 track sequencers with dedicated mixing panels, useful for creating complex, multi-layered beats. On both programs, each track has a dedicated slider for setting the volume, along with options for muting or playing a track solo.

Dr. Drum surpasses DubTurbo by allowing you to pan the audio of each track to the left or right speaker. Although stereo recording is the standard for each program, only Dr. Drum beat maker online free lets you use it to its full potential.

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You can have your beat pounding out front and centre, but set your melody to play through one speaker, or to oscillate between the two. You can also adjust the lows, mids and highs for each track through the Dr. Drum beat maker software free, so you can shape your sound in any way you like.

The additional option brings your stereo recordings to life, and opens up a new avenue for your creativity.

Understanding where you are in your songs in terms of bars is vital to music composition. Without a clear indication of when your bars change, or where the beats fall within a bar, you can end up making arrhythmic compositions.

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On DubTurbo beat maker software, the bar count is hidden way up at the top of the page, and if you’re focusing on the sequencer you might forget it’s even there.

Dr. Drum’s bar counter is directly above the sequencer, which means you’re always aware of your position within the bar. As well as this, each beat is marked, which helps you keep your compositions in time.

Both programs feature a drum machine, which is vital for creating your own beats. Each individual drum sound, such as the snare, is loaded up onto a pad, and you click on the pads to add the sound to your beat.

DubTurbo music production software gives you 10 pads to play with, and each one has its own dedicated volume control. Dr. Drum raises the bar and provides you with 12 pads, each still featuring an individual volume control to mix the sound within your beat. The two extra pads mean each drum kit features two additional sounds, which give you valuable extra options in your composition.

Whilst DubTurbo and Dr. Drum production software are both great for making beats, Dr. Drum has the variety of options that sets it above the competition. If you’re serious about making beats, denying yourself functionality isn’t an option. Dr. Drum audio production software is a massively diverse platform for your creativity, and that fact separates it from competitors like DubTurbo.