DR Drumming up business

rap beat

As a professional ‘roadie’ and tour manager you gain experience of dragging kit and equipment into rehearsal and sound studios just to enable the base and drum tracks to be laid down in a really professional manner.

Yet, the process is often flawed because it doesn’t enable you to mix just that right rhythm for the right occasion.

We’ve found a piece of ‘out of the box’ software that lets you do it all without those expensive multi-channel mixers, the pro-drum kit (and a drummer) and a bassist – its called Dr.Drum, yes that is ‘Doctor Drum, and it is a really inexpensive way of laying down a beat that will captivate the clubber and get those limbs moving to the beat.

It comes with everything you might expect, runs on both ‘Windows’ and Mac OSX and is so simple, yet incredibly sophisticated that venue operators will be falling over their checkbooks to hire you as a DJ.

Dubstep Music Maker Program

The box includes a 16-track sequencer, a twelve-pad drum machine and a four octave keyboard plus tutorials, export capability down to 44.1 stereo in .wav format and a way of selling the ‘beats’ that you create – outstanding value for less than the cost of a good meal for two!

Many DJs fight shy of gizmos such as this, simply because they sound so cheap, well Dr.Drum may be inexpensive but it isn’t cheap, you won’t need anything else to set you on the road to DJ Stardom.

Times are few and far between when you can download a package, install it, have it up and running in minutes and be producing pro-quality output from ‘day-one’.

Download Rap Music Making Software

There are, as far as we can see, no catches, no secondary payments or annual license fees – once you sign up you are guaranteed the updates and upgrades as part of your membership package!

Scared of trying something as easy to master, we were, but Dr.Drum quelled all our qualms by offering a full money back guarantee if you aren’t happy within 60 days.

So, how can you grab a piece of this amazing tool – simply log on to the Dr.Drum website, pay your fee and ‘Hey Presto’ you can be creative in minutes.