How to Sell Beats Online & Make Money as a Music Producer

Do You Have Quality Beats?

Selling beats online is every music maker’s dream. Work for pleasure and make money out of it? What can be greater than that? But in order to be able to sell, you have to make sure you have the right staff. You have the YouTube where you can create your own space and upload the beats you create.

Learn How to Produce and Sell Beats Online

Opinions from complete strangers will give you a good hint about the quality of your beats, if they are appreciated. If not, don’t lose hope, work on it so you can improve your work and start making money from it. Make sure your beats are recorded in a good quality format and they are properly mixed, and you’ll have astounding results.

Why Selling Beats Online Can Be a Great Business?

Selling beats online can be a great business because you work once and you get paid several times for it. Creating your own website where you can upload your work or setting up an account on other websites which allow you to sell your music using your own name is the perfect way of adding cash value to your beats.

You can sell different types of music to different types of users. The gaming industry is one of the perfect niches as well as the industry of the documentaries, training videos, jingles for commercials and so much more.

So start by creating specific pockets on your website and start filling them with different categories of music, so web surfers may identify them more easily. After you do that, make sure you have copyright on your music because this is very important if you do not want to end up having legal issues with the others.

You can work with lease licenses or exclusive licenses for your beats, the difference being that lease licenses allow you to still have rights on your music whereas exclusive licenses are waived upon purchase by the user. Anyways, uploading your beats on a website or your website is a great business since there are many who need your beats, especially if they are quality beats.

Where to sell your beats?

Since you have started making music online, why not sell it online? Internet has proved to be a great help to users all over the world and it is the perfect place to make your beats known to the whole wide world.

Of course, the perfect choice would be to create your own website but this can take a bit of time and extra work, not to mention the fact that you have to promote yourself, make your site known.

Beginners guide on how to sell beats online

If you want to start making money faster, after all you have been working making music, now you deserve your pay, you can begin by signing up on websites like myFlashStore which allows you to sell your music and not interfere with your profits.

Pay attention however, there are website which take up a commission of your sales. This website also allows you to choose a player of your own choice. Social networks can be a great place to start uploading samples of your work which will attract viewers and listeners and make them be interested in purchasing your beats online.

Of course, you need to have an account where people can send you the money they would pay, preferably with PayPal or Google Wallet, which make it easy for your buyers to pay you.

How do I copyright my original music?

After you create your beats, you want to sell them freely on the Internet and start making real money. There is, however, one issue to be taken into account. The copyright for the songs you created.

You need to make sure no one else will claim the copyrights on your work. The perfect way to do that is to register with the Library of Congress. If you access their website, the forms which you need can be downloaded from there.

Of course, you can always submit your beats to the performing rights organization you are part of, if any, such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and this will give you the certainty that in case of any copyright disputes arising, you will have your win.

There is another way of somehow proving the fact that you created something and that is mailing it to yourself, also known as the “Poor Man’s Copyright”, this method being valid as long as you do not open the envelope you sent yourself. But this will only ensure you a possible means to prove you are the writer of a song, due to the state-of-art laser printers which can make great forgeries.

Most important, make sure that your beats are original and do not contain someone else’s music or parts of someone else’s music, and if you create it together with another person or a band or several people, make sure you establish the percentage of your rights right from the start to avoid any subsequent disputes.

The tools needed to sell your beats

When you are done making some quality music, you will definitely want to make profit out of it so uploading it on a website is the perfect tool to make it known worldwide. But how do you know where to upload it and what you need in order to sell it the best way?

Besides the special Stock websites such as Neo Sounds, Stock Music, and many others which do all the work for you (this including marketing, sharing their listeners database with you, managing it), you can set up your own website and purchase a music selling software which doesn’t cost so much for that matter.

Tools and Services You Need to Sell Beats Online

You can manage the costs added to your music, selecting different price categories, samples to add to your songs or beats and adding restrictions so you don’t have to worry about people “stealing” your work, meaning that the will be downloading it from your site and start using it as their own.

It is the perfect tool to help you in your enterprise, because it will automatically send the piece to the recipient without you having to do it yourself. Once you upload music on your website, it is as if you add a copyright to it, but there are unscrupulous people out there.

Market Yourself

Everybody knows that advertising is the soul of commerce, so if it needs to be done, do it! Without a bit of marketing, you won’t sell any of your beats, no matter how good you think they are. People have to know you, to know who you are so that they will be able to purchase your beats online.

There are several ways you can do this. One of the perfect ways is to create a website and upload your music there, and there is always the YouTube which allows you to upload your music and make it known to people all over the world.

If you want to make sure nobody will steal your music, the samples you upload can be backed up by vocals added on them which will make you known and add your personal touch so to speak, making them impractical to “dishonest users”. The Internet is full of courses to teach you how to advertise your music and make it a best seller.

But you know what they say, some of the greatest achievements came out of simple thoughts. You need to be creative and have that sparkle of the moment when you get a good idea to promote yourself. If you do make great music, others will promote you as well, one satisfied customer will bring you another one.

How to sell beats and songs on Soundcloud?

One of the easiest ways to start selling music is to join Soundcloud, a music selling platform which has a free version and a premium version which includes a monthly cost. Don’t make music so you can sell it, make music because you like it and of course, then you can sell it.

Every song or beat uploaded has to have a tag attached to it, like Beats to sell, Beats/Song to lease or whatever you can think of, something catchy to get the other’s attention, and then add a description to it as well. People want to know what they buy, how you made it, what instruments were used and so on.