Superior Singing Method Review 2015

Anyone can become a good singer with Superior Singing Method

Everybody loves to sing, but do we all do it right? Can we really sing? If you want to improve your singing abilities, you can do vocal exercises, of course, but you need to know how to improve your singing, not just simply beat around the bush.

Voice training is what Aaron Anastasi, the author of the Superior Singing Method online lessons, offers in a professional environment. In the same time if you want to make sick beats online here are the best beat maker software for PC and Mac.

Superior Singing Method By Aaron Anastasi

He offers both video and audio lessons, and according to a superior singing method review one of the good parts of this method is that lessons are also explained visually, instead of just being talked about, so it makes everything much simpler for you to learn how to sing professionally. Music lessons have never been more enjoyable, and voice training just seems within everybody’s reach.

What is Superior Singing Method?

Lear to sing with Superior Singing Method

Aaron’s lessons offer great detail and they make you confident about yourself. His singing lessons actually can do much better than a real life vocal coach because it has a help system which allows you to go through the questions asked by other students and through the answers offered by professionals and you can also e-mail Aaron asking him about your troubles, if any, and he’ll reply you giving you the necessary advice. Just download the method from the website and really go through the lessons if you want to really learn how to sing.

Fit for any level of singing

The Superior Singing Method is fit even for beginners, children included. Aaron’s singing lessons are fit for everyone who wants to learn how to sing, even if they believe that singing it’s just not for them. Aaron’s belief is that anyone can learn how to sing, and he gives useful tips and directions to help you get started. Once you do that, you will be unstoppable. The guidance and support offered by Aaron will definitely get you on the right track and help you become a beginner singer. But why stop there? Once you’ve reached that level, there’s only one way: up – up the vocal range.

Superior Singing Method help you expand vocal range and improve tone and power

Many people say they can sing at beginners’ level, meaning they sing along their favorite artists, on TV, YouTube, the radio, and so on… Picking up these songs they also pick up bad habits, which Aaron tries to deal away with. These may be the reason why you’re not improving your singing abilities, and the course aims at removing them from your singing.

Maybe it’s the lack of power or of a good tone, maybe you are trying to reach some high notes or even higher up the scale… the course will teach you how to get better, how to sing better through voice training. And most importantly, when you practice, you will notice the improvements in your voice, in your singing, in your technique, and all of these will just make you more confident.

Now you’re at intermediate level, let the Superior Singing Method take you higher… to professional… You get the chance to join the superior vocal coaching club which will allow you to submit a video or mp3 file with you singing every 30 days. This video or mp3 file can be uploaded on the YouTube (and made private or not).

The link will be sent to Aaron or you can send it directly to Aaron by e-mail, and he will watch and listen to it, and he will help you improve your voice by giving you guidance and help. Being a member of the Monthly Vocal Coaching Club also gives you the opportunity to go through the videos with tips, advice, techniques, exercises related to singing that you can use or add to your vocal practicing.

Structure of the Singing Course

The vocal sessions are organized into modules which mean one week of singing lessons, which includes 6 singing lessons, the seventh day of the week being for rest. The course includes 31 audio vocal lessons and 49 videos you must go through.

You must take each lesson at a time in order to exercise your vocal muscles without getting a sore throat, and pushing your vocal cords too much. But if you are used to doing vocal runs without asking too much from your voice and end up not being able to use it the next day at all.

Module 1 – Warm Up Your Voice Before Singing

The first lesson of the first module explains all the singing lessons and the importance of observing the schedule set by Aaron in order to help you become a professional. The first module and hence the first week is about how to correctly warm up your voice. Although these may seem insignificant, they must be performed patiently and not be skipped, because their failure to perform might lead to the incorrect performance of all the other exercises. Don’t give in to the temptation to skip some of the introductory lessons, because it’s like the snowball effect, they add up one onto the other, and at the end of the first week you will be mastering all the six lessons.

Module 2 – How to Breathe when Singing?

Breath Management introduces techniques and exercisers for you to learn how to master your breathing while singing, each day adding or telling you not to take into consideration something from the previous day video. This is why it is important for you not to skip any of the videos included in the course and go through them one at a time and in orderly sequence. The breathing exercises in this module will help you focus and you will also go on with the warm up techniques from the previous module.

Module 3 – How to Sing with Great Vocal Tone?

This module is about four singing exercisers which focus on dealing away with nasal problems by controlling your soft pallet. Don’t forget about the warming up and focus on Aaron’s instructions so that you don’t sound like you have caught a cold when you are singing. Your nose is a natural resonator and you must learn how to make it not interfere with your vocal tone. The entire week is about this kind of exercises that improve your singing tone.

Module 4 – How to Sing on Pitch?

Singing on pitch is very important for a professional singer and for singers striving to become professional. Pitch is what makes you different from all the wannabe singers who just rely on auto-tune. Actually, to be honest it doesn’t matter what level you are at, pitch must be mastered and Aaron offers some great techniques and vocal lessons, like the bent flame and the lip roll slide which are not too easy but once you get the hang of it, you will feel great and notice improvement in your singing.

Module 5 – How to Improve your Singing Voice’s Resonance

What does it mean to have a powerful voice? Yell? Certainly not. You want to make music, not make sounds. In this module, Aaron will teach you about the place of the tongue, which has very much to do with a powerful and resonant voice. 4 new exercisers will show you what you have to do to give power to your voice and therefore to your singing. A considerable amount of details is given so that you can understand what power and resonance is all about.

Module 6 – How to Sing High Notes and Mix Your Voice

The first lesson of the week will take you to new exercises which will help you synchronize your head and chest voice and go from one to the other without breathing. This is actually a difficult exercise and it takes a lot of practice. The module is also about practicing high notes and mixing them, allowing you access to the higher level of singing.

Module 7 – Singing Exercises for Vocal Agility

A real singer knows how to shift from one note to another while maintaining pitch. The key and the notes must be hit precisely so you don’t sound off track and that’s what vocal agility is all about. This is the aim of module 7 – teaching you how to hit the notes on key perfectly.

Module 8 – Advanced Strengthening and Vocal Techniques

The singing course progresses from simple elements to more intricate ones, so besides new exercisers for your vibrato, falsetto and strengthening voice, this last module is actually a blend of everything learned so far. It focuses on helping you remember what you have learned.

You’re good to go!

Easy tips to learn how to sing

And you get two more modules as a bonus: How To Overcome Stage Fright And Perform Your Best and Music Marketing, which include advice about how to overcome your fear of singing in front of an audience and how to star making money from your singing. Also, you get a 124 pages pdf manual which adds to the videos and audio files of the course and which will help you get more details about a certain subject from Aaron’s course.

An important aspect of the Superior Singing Method is that you pay for it once and you have access to a lifetime of advice and tips from Aaron, and you also have access to others’ opinions. Now it’s the time to leave the signing in the bathroom or inside the house and get out there in the world to show everybody what Aaron has taught you to do with your voice!