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As software becomes more accessible and the borders between operating system platforms blur it is good to hear of programs such as Dr.Drum that can be used on Mac or PC and operate comfortably in Windows or OSX. And for the creative music maker, Dr.Drum is a blessing with a low price ticket, for now that is.

Here is a tool that will enable the pro or amateur DJ to create great beats, the bedrock of the dance-floor, from a package that has much to offer and for a price tag that is the envy of some of its long-established and more expensive rivals.

Offered via a download for a single payment of around $40 you get a bucket load of tech that will allow even the most raw of amateurs to be putting out high quality professional ‘beats’ within hours. In the box, you can expect a 12-pad drum ‘kit’, a 16-channel sequencer and a keyboard covering four octaves.

Added to the instrumentation, Dr.Drum includes a series of expertly produced video tutorials that will take the user from A through Z of the processes for making really hypnotic beats from the get go, no matter what the style from ‘Dub Step’ to disco.

Rap Beat Making Software for Mac

Right now Dr.Drum is on offer for a low of $40 but is likely to increase before too long so it would be worth taking the plunge now rather than waiting, the advantage being that it is a one-off purchase, no annual license, no update charges – once you are in, you are in.

The makers have a bold claim, and one that they support by putting their money where their mouth is;

But being creative isn’t just about value for money, it’s really about developing music that people want to hear, to dance to and to remember – Dr.Drum is a piece of digital beat software that will give you the confidence to rise right to the top of your genre.

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It comes with a 60-day no quibble guarantee that if you aren’t satisfied, they will give you a full refund.