The Dr. Drum Phenomenon

rap beat

Imagine a room, where everyone is on their feet dancing to the sounds of the beat. What is this new and captivated beat and where did it come from? Yeah! That’s you, surrounded by those who live off your creation.

All of your friends are mesmerized, they’re thinking hard work, great product, and how did he do it? One would think that your beat came from an expensive studio, or some big time producer.

Just go with the flow, because that’s what you are, that big shot producer with Dr. Drum. Clubs need you, the lady’s want you. You are a phenomenon with Dr. Drum.

Hip Hop Beat Making Software for Mac

No one knows that you are using the same tools that the pros use, compacted in the best beat maker software ever. Your long term friends wonder how you slipped four years of college by them.

The truth is… you have access to a down to earth interface with built in training tutorials, designed to teach you all genre of music, step by step at no cost, in the simplest way possibly. Take a bow, you overnight college graduate!

Getting music completed on time is a main priority for records companies. Sometimes the best of the best takes days and even months to complete a single beat.

It shouldn’t have to take you days or months to get that sound in your head that you’ve been hearing all-day. The do this and do that software is just so time consuming.

Best Beat Making Program for Hip Hop

Your track is in demand! Just select the pencil tool at the bottom of the screen, draw in bars on the sequence slot wherever you need them. Pick you drum, bass or keys in any order making your work flow superfast. Go right ahead! You can create multiple beats with your saved time.

Everything that comes along with your success, the good life, cars, ladies and all the above are in your grips. It is your time to shine. Keep beating up the club with your knew found sound sending them to the Doc. There will be club owner knocking at your door waiting for the next hot beat.

It feels good to be on top knowing that you could accomplish a high quality beat. The crowds in an uproar now, and it’s all due to your talent, and Dr. Drum’s awesome software. This can become your reality!